Google Analytics

Website Analytics are stats and information about how visitors use a website. We use Google Analytics to monitor our customers’ websites in Perth.

We use this data not only to optimise a business’s website, but also their various digital marketing strategies. For example we can use Google Analytics to see which Google Adwords keyword results in visitors buying the most products from an online store.

Our Services

D for design provides the following google analytic services:

Google Analytics Setup

We can correctly configure Google Analytics to collect valuable information from your website. Setting up the correct goals will allow you optimize your website and other digital marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords.

Continuous Optimisation

We can use this data to continuously optimize your website, making sure you maximize your return on investment.


Using data from Google Analytics, we are able to target marketing at visitors who have previously visited your site. This is a highly effective marketing technique as customers who have used your services or products once are more likely to to use them again!

Reporting & Analysis

We provide professional reports showing how your website has performed. These can be used for business management and strategic planning.